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Every time Tyrion refers to Sansa as ‘his wife

(requested by rosanazugey)

x   gotedit       x   tyrion lannister       x   gottyrionlannister       x   game of thrones       x   sansa x tyrion       x   sort of       x   *mine*       x   *request       x   okay I'm gonna tag rant       x   when I started this gifset I was no this is no good this is not shippy at all...?       x   and it's not       x   and I was so confused because when I've read the request I was so sure this was gonna be shippy       x   but while I was making the gifs I realized something       x   most of the times when Tyrion calls her his wife it's not for to bring them closer together       x   it's quite the opposite it's to create distance (and you can also feel him hurt sometimes...?)       x   I don't find these scenes really shippy       x   you know what scenes are shippy...? when he calles her by her name or when he calles her 'my lady'       x   because 'my wife' is not familiar       x   it's what every married man calles his wife in westeros       x   but being familiar that much to say each other's names...?       x   that's what he wants from a marriage; I think       x   this is why I cringe so much when he says 'Sansa' aloud. I love that       x   because it's beautiful. it's what their relationship needs. trust and familiarity       x   but anyway       x   here is the gifset       x   it's also very important and it made me actually realize the other thing       x   I hope you like it :)       x   *500       x   *1k       
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