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Anonymous asked: What if since GRRM apparently told the directors/writers/whoever of the show the plot of the entire series for when (because it will) the show takes overtakes the books, they're just merging Tyrion's storyline with future plans IN THE BOOKS for him to go to Dany, thus turning the tables and having the show contain book spoilers???

*Intense book spoilers in my answer* and hey, I’m gonna answer without irony now

You know, the real problem I have with Game of Thrones isn’t the spoilers. I dont like spoilers from the books, but a few seasons ago I sort of accepted that GRRM is slow with the books, and that the show was gonna catch up eventually and spoil me stuff.

What I see now, is not a spoiler. It’s a completely different story. I try really hard to except that, but I can’t. This Tyrion is not the same Tyrion I love in the books. This is a completely different character (as mostly all the characters there is in the show). What happens now to Tyrion will take him so far from his book character that I can’t even say. Tyrion at this time in the books was under a lot of pain. He was suffering and he was at his lowest, making things that are wrong, becoming the monster everyone wanted him to be, and in the meantime he was struggling with the loss of Tysha and just being emotionally broken. I do believe he was saved by Jorah and Penny (who will not be included in the show, I’m certain, which is a shame). Tyrion needed a different view on the world during ADwD, and that show Tyrion doesn’t need because he’s just too perfect.

There I said it. They change Tyrion’s storyline because they can. Tywin’s murder won’t haunt him, I’m positive, and Shae….well she was a whore and she attacked him anyway! And Tysha doesn’t even matter at all.

I am sure, book Tyrion will end up on Dany’s team, I’m almost sure he’s going to ride a dragon, and that he will come back with Dany to Westeros. But he’s not going to be the same. The show is hurrying his meeting with Dany changing heavily both his and Daenerys’ story. It’s not a good thing. At that moment Tyrion is supposed to be down in the pit, being humiliated by doing something he never thought he’d do; and Dany is supposed to watch it, not knowing who he is, and just being outraged that they want to have two dwarves eaten by a lion. But no, the show has him up there all mighty before his time in an ugly yellow dress, being bffs with Dany (because why else would he have such a good place on the terrace)

I’m so upset by this.

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Anonymous asked: who is the guy next to danny and tryion? i'm so confused what this show have become what the hell

Oh sorry I had yet to scroll down to all that, it was just a general question. However, I have now joined in on the fury.

It’s okay, he is hizdahr zo loraq, he was in s4 as well, he was the guy who talked to dany about his father building the pyramid and now being crucified.

also this is terrible and I’m sad that you are angry too. anger makes me sad :(

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When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.

Anonymous asked: Have you read the asoiaf books, or are you strictly a show fan? :)

I have read them multiple times dear. (I wouldn’t be so angry if I haven’t)

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Anonymous asked: I've heard theories they are having tyrion meet dany when it's her wedding to like reinforce the big stuff happens at weddings thing idk

fantastic! I will be so happy :) I’m so happy! :D

dany will clap her hands and say “oh my god it’s tyrion lannister he will help me control my dragons ^^ YAY”

and then they will be bffs and let jorah die in the pit

also…tyrion will free the dragons; magicly hops on one and becomes one of the head of the dragon. just like that. and dany will be super happy about it I feel it

then they will take back westeros, kill the white walkers and be heroes. also kill everyone they don’t like and still stay very cool and have cool hair

*rolls eyes*

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Anonymous asked: on the bottom of the pic it says: "Taking a break: The cast-members enjoy some down-time between takes of the hit show"

dude chill

on this pic sure they are taking a break as well. SURE

also he never runs into Dany. I have read the books. is this meant to be irony? because?????? I’m not feeling it. anyway, no matter what happens they shouldn’t be best buds with Dany, he’s still a Lannister why would Dany trust him just like that and anyways he should be down there in the fighting pit and not up there. idc idc idc fuck this show for ruining my faves

I’m not sure if you meant to make me feel bad but it’s not working because I already feel angry and now I’m just angrier

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Anonymous asked: hey!:) i just saw these new pictures of s5 and i'm shocked:D what is tyrion doing next to dany? do you know anything about it?

I don’t :( and I’m honestly just ???????????? it’s so stupid if it’s true. just so STUPID

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Game of Thrones s5 

I have so many questions and my first is WHAT THE FUCK